Investment Management

Local knowledge & Expertise

The Lomond Group benefits from local knowledge and expertise in Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, St Andrews, Brighton and Yorkshire, and through the Lomond Investment Management service, provides an end to end service to professional Investors.


Professional approach to identify of target areas and target asset types through a combination of data analysis and local knowledge


Accessing the property debt market in order to obtain favourable terms on behalf of clients in order to maximise equity value.


Subject to qualification we enable investors to participate in larger schemes


In conjunction with our tax advisors implement the most tax efficient structure for the various investments


Offer seamless management solution for the asset through our sister businesses within Lomond Capital


Manage the exit process for the asset in order to maximise the value of client’s investments.  We would look to manage the exit process for our investors in order to maximise the value of these assets, either through onward sale of a number of units or sale of individual units through our sister businesses within Lomond

Value re-engineering

Looking to obtain discounts on initial purchase price and / or re-engineering assets to maximise initial value, increase yield and maximise overall return from investment. Lomond will manage, on behalf of clients, renovation or development of properties

Residential requirements

We would be pleased to hear from you if you have any of the following opportunities in Manchester or Birmingham.

Land / vacant (or short term income) buildings (with or without planning)

Houses, flats or buildings in need of refurbishment

Houses, flats or buildings with or without existing income

Examples of our track record

King Street, Manchester

Entire first floor (7 apartments)

11 Investors

Value: 2.5m

Chancery House, Liverpool

5 apartments adjacent to Liverpool One

Value: £900k


Salford Portfolio

Properties acquired, refurbished and converted to HMO

Value: £750k

Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

19 apartments adjacent to Hospital in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

Value: £3m

George Street Chambers, Birmingham

Freehold block in Jewellery Quarter

Value: £1.7m

Orleans House, Liverpool

4 high end apartments in Liverpool CBD

Value: £1m

Bradbury House, Altrincham

Freehold block in central Altrincham

Value: £1.5m


10/11 new build 3 bed terrace houses in central Macclesfield

Value: £2.75m


Timperley, Cheshire

House and paddock requiring planning permission

Potential End Value: £7m

Statement for certified High Net Worth Individual

Lomond Investment Management Limited are asking you as a potential Investor to sign the declaration of certified high net worth set out below. Whilst this may not be strictly necessary because the rules on promotions do not apply to the trust based syndicates details of which you have requested it is prudent that we procure these Certificates for two reasons.

First we must protect Lomond Investment Management Limited (because the sanctions for people who improperly issue financial promotions are very serious).

Second we must protect you. This Certificate confirms that you are a sophisticated investor and therefore you recognise that you do not have the usual protection afforded to those who invest in schemes approved and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

If you are unsure about giving this Certificate please speak to your financial advisor.


I declare that I am a certified high net worth individual as described in the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotions) Order 2005.

I understand that this means:

(a) I can receive financial promotions that may not have been approved by a person authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority;
(b) the content of such financial promotions may not conform to rules issued by the Financial Conduct Authority;
(c) by signing this statement I may lose significant rights;
(d) I may have no right to complain to either of the following-
(i) the Financial Conduct Authority; or
(ii) the Financial Ombudsman Scheme;
(e) I may have no right to seek compensation from the Financial Conduct
Compensation Scheme.

I am a certified high net worth individual because at least one of the following applies-

(a) I had, during the financial year immediately preceding the date below, an annual income to the value of £100,000 or more;
(b) I held, throughout the financial year immediately preceding the date below, net assets to the value of £250,000 or more. Net assets for these purposes do not include-
(i) the property which is my primary residence or any loan secured on that residence;
(ii) any rights of mine under a qualifying contract of insurance within the meaning of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001; or
(iii) any benefits (in the form of pensions or otherwise) which are payable on the termination of my service or on my death or retirement and to which I am (or my dependants are), or may be, entitled.

I accept that I can lose my property and other assets from making investment decisions based on financial promotions.

I am aware that it is open to me to seek advice from someone who specialises in advising on investments.